Thursday, November 26, 2009

I begin

Hi. My name is Lynn and I am addicted to glass.

I have always liked arty things. I doodled all over my papers in school and I have taken classes in many media, including clay, enameling, metalworking, drawing, and painting over the years. But, since I started working with glass around 1997, I have not be able to do anything else. I think about glass all the time.

A little about me. I live with my husband and three cats and one dog in the colonial town of Hillsborough, North Carolina. The first picture is the lovely old courthouse in town. Hillsborough is really a wonderful place to live (though getting too chic for its own good of late). I will take you on a tour in the spring.

I have a great day job at the nearby Chapel Hill Public Library, but I imagine you have come to hear about my glass life.

I think I became interested in glass because of the color saturation. Colors really captivate me and, to my mind, are the most important attribute of my art. I began with stained glass (you can see a couple pieces in my studio picture) and meant to learn fusing as a means of adding texture, but I have made no stained glass pieces since the year I started fusing. A couple of years ago, I added lampwork (with a minor bench burner) to my repertoire. And I just bought a mini-furnace called a micro glory hole to work even hotter. More on that in future installments.

Both of the areas I use to work are currently and usually a wreck. I prefer making glass to cleaning up glass, and that is a problem when you stay in production year round. My fused glass is cut and laid out in a small outbuilding at the back corner of my yard. You can see it across my deck. My torch and kilns are in my garage so all of my hot glass production and sandblasting occurs there.

That's all for my inaugural post. I want to get back to my glass and maybe a little turkey.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And now for something completely different.

Testing, testing. My blog is set to launch on Thanksgiving Day.