Monday, February 16, 2015

The One-Eyed Beader or Oh, the Insanity!

I realize it is time for my biennial blog  post.  I always mean to do better but life gets in the way...

For the past month, I have been recovering from eye surgery.  After the first few days, I grew bored with my confinement and had to think of some way to entertain myself that did not violate these restrictions:

1) no bending over
2) no lifting over 5 pounds
3) limited light exposure

Needless to say, I was also hampered by the hazy 20/200 vision in the affected eye.

Then I thought what about those boxes of seed beads and books with luscious seed beads patterns that I had collected over the years before I realized that one could not make seed bead projects for profit.

So I was off!  Making little peyote tubes into  beaded bead earrings a la Kathy King like a maniac.

Then I gathered up the courage to try a simple project called Easy Big Sky Earrings in Artistic Seed Bead Jewelry by Maggie Roschyk.  It was a little challenging at first because I had never done any stitch besides peyote, but soon I found brick stitch is not bad.   I am a little hooked on these earrings even though they are way too "formal" for me and cannot be sold because I prefer to make minimum wage for my efforts.  I still hope to have time to finish  a coordinating necklace or two before I return to work, but I am currently stalled by learning to make embellished peyote toggles.

Someday I hope to master Right Angle Weave, but I think that is still a distance dream.  

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